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After my first semester of college classes, chemistry 101 killed my GPA and sent me into academic probation. The semester after that I put my head down and into the books, and worked my butt off to recover and get my GPA back up. So whether you’re trying to recover from academic probation, or you’re just looking for some tips on how to raise your GPA, here’s what I learned…

You won’t always learn from your prof

There will be times- most of the time, depending on your skill level of learning, that you will most likely end up teaching yourself! Most of the time, the content will make sense in class, as the professor is walking you through the examples, and breaking everything down, but then later on when doing the homework, you will probably find yourself infuriated and frustrated, as none of it makes sense anymore! Don’t panic when this happens, look back at your textbook for more examples to follow, and walk yourself back through the steps, or look up supplemental videos on the topic you’re on from YouTube! If none of these work, make sure to email your professor and schedule a time to sit down with them and explain your confusion, they’re human too, and they won’t bite, trust me they want to help you pass their class!

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Sometimes you will have no other options tha to get tutoring. This doesn’t mean you aren’t capable or aren’t smart, but as college students, we all eventually need them! Other than feeling embarrassed- be proud. Proud that you know when to ask for help and that you are taking the steps to succeed.

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Talk to your prof!

Making sure you are known to the professors of every single one of your classes, will everything so much easier for you! They will want to help you more, and are more likely to curve your grades, and make sure you pass that class! So in the first few lectures of theirs that you attend, go up and introduce yourself, and occasionally go talk to them before or after class! It might be a little nerve-wracking at first, but trust me when I say it really helps, and will make a difference!

The more they know who you are, and remember who you are, the more willing they are to help you!

Sit at the front of your class!

This gives you the opportunity to not only get to know your prof, but will pressure you into staying awake and paying attention! And the more you pay attention, the more likely you will be to succeed! Make sure while you sit up there to not drift off in your thoughts, and make sure you are taking clear, precise notes.

Taking notes

How you take notes can dictate how you succeed as well. I’ve talked about in a few of my past blogs, but the more you stay organized, the easier staying on top of everything will be. I plan on doing a future post on this topic, and going further in depth, so stay tuned! But until then, a great tip I learned in high school was to keep each page in your notebooks number, so you can then create a table of contents with everything dated and in order, so that you can find old assignments or notes with ease! It may not seem as if it’ll come in handy and it will just take more time but I promise it works, and it helps!

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Hold yourself accountable

Don’t let yourself procrastinate. Trust me- I know how popular and easy it is to just forget your homework and not do it. Whether it’s escaping that stressor, or being too busy with other things, you can not procrastinate your college responsibilities, which are studying and homework, and occasional projects. Hold yourself accountable, and make sure you’re putting this as a first priority. Set as many reminders as you have to, on your phone, in your planner, write it on your mirror in expo marker-as much as you can.

Plan/ schedule everything out

Have a planner and stay up to date with it. Write down when homeworks due, when you’re going to study, when you’re going to work on homework, all of your classes, and tutoring sessions. And make sure you actually do it. Just because you’ve written it down, doesn’t mean anything. Like I previously stated, hold yourself accountable!

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