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6 Tips to Organizing your Planner!

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If you’re new to this blog, then you should know I love to have my things organized, and a planner is one of my go to tools for this!!! And if you’ve read any of my other posts, then I’m sure by now, you know that I always talk about how much having a planner and sticking with the habits of keeping it up to date has benefited me!!!

But no matter how much I harp about it, you won’t know what those true benefits of it are until you give it a try yourself! A few planners I have used in the past are these two, and I love them! I have had better experiences with the spiral planner, but it’s all personal preference and here’s a bound planner that I really liked! Now that you have your own planner, here are some tips that can help you to set it up so that you can be productive and reach those goals you’ve been dreaming about!

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1) Setting it up for your daily life

Remember to put in dates like when you have payments do! Whether it’s your credit card payments, your mortgage or rent is due, or maybe you’re like me and you have monthly payments you have to make for your horse, so I put in when my horses are due for the farrier, chiropractor, supplements, etc!

Even if you have great memory, it’s a good idea to write it down just in case you happen to forget. Especially since you never know when life is going to throw curve balls at you, you might get super busy out of nowhere, and forgetting about simple little things like that happens all the time! As I always say, we’re only human.

2) When you receive your syllabus put in all the dates for tests and exams

If you’re in college, then you know how hard it can be to keep track of when all of your exams and tests are, or even when homework assignments are due. But by putting it into your planner, you can have it on hand, whether you need a reminder of when a test is coming up, or if you need to know when to start studying, it’ll be written down right there for you.

Also make sure to update both the monthly over views, as well as every singular day. It’s time consuming, but trust me it’s so worth it!

And yes, I do mean mean write down every day’s classes, and pay attention to when you have breaks, or what we know as “reading days” which just means that we don’t have any classes that day, through out the university! Because that’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!

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3) Update it Weekly!

Every week, usually on Sundays, I like to sit down with a cup of my favorite coffee, and I like to plan out my week. In it I include what meals I’m going to eat every day, when I plan on making it to the gym, the barn, and I even set up times for when I’m going to sit down study and when I’m going to get homework done. I know it seems like it may be over the top, but it makes my week so much easier, and it relieves me of being stressed over when I’m going to fit in all my time to reach my goals!

4) Color coordinated

I love using colored pens when setting up my planner! Not only does it make it a lot prettier to look at, and make it feel more inviting, but it also helps you see faster what you have going on if you have a color set to each category you have in your planner.

For example, I’ll set all my classes to red, my studying/homework time to blue, and time for the gym in green, and so on and so forth! I’ve learned that yes this may take a little more time, it makes things so much easier!

5) Make to-do lists on the side to make sure you accomplish your goals

Just like when I mentioned in my past article, about knowing your limits, when you break down big goals into smaller tasks to help see how you’re going to get there, it makes it so much easier. Well when you break down those tasks into smaller tasks, the perfect place to put them is your planner, since you should be checking there for what needs to get done anyway

You can also put down daily reminders about taking any medications or supplements as well so that you don’t forget!

6) Keep a post it note on the current day!

With as big as a planner as mine can get, I have to keep a post-it note on the current day, so that I can find it quickly!

It seems like a simple idea, but I didn’t think about it for a while, but wow it makes such a big difference! Especially in moments where I need to pull my planner out really quickly to check where I’m supposed to be, or to write down a quick note, I don’t want to spend unnecessary time looking for the date. Even though it may only take a minute or two, the minutes add up, and that’s more time you can invest in getting homework or studying done!

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