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5 Tips to Organizing in College

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So you’ve found your self settled into your new dorm, getting ready for you first week of college, or maybe you’ve been in college for a while now but looking for new, more efficient ways to organize your school work.

First of all, you have to realize with organization, this is something you have to stay on top of, make a habit of, and maintain it. You can’t just clean up your desk and backpack once and expect it to stay that way if you keep cramming papers in there all whilly-nilly!

1) Make a binder/notebook dedicated to each class

Understand that if you shove all of your papers in to the same place, you will have to take twice as long to find some paper that you need, and that can be very valuable time

Each class is different; some classes might be better with a notebook, some might be better with a binder

To differentiate the two, realize that classes that have the class slides online, or textbook pages you can print out, will do much better with a binder, so you can print those pages out, hole punch them, and then put them into your binder. From there, bring them with you to class, so you can take your own notes within the margin as your professor speaks

When it comes to notebooks, classes like math do a lot better with these, as you can make it easier for you to follow your own notes when you go back to look at them when trying to do homework

A recent tip that I heard, that definitely put things into perspective for me, was instead of writing down every last thing your professor is saying/putting on the board- write down what you need to know, and what seems important to you. Whereas yes, everything the professor says is fair game to be put on an exam or quiz, if it is something that is already ingrained in your head like a definition or such, don’t waste time trying to write that down too, since you’ll already be getting hand cramps from trying to keep up with the professor.

2) Keep a planner!!!

I can not stress this one enough. I rely on my planner religiously, as well I have seen atleast 95% of my colleagues also relying on their own planners.

When putting in your schedule, try to get everything you plan on doing in your day down to the minute as possible. It will make things so much easier since you then don’t have to spend time stressing over when you’re going to get certain things done

It also leaves no room for you to get into bed at the end of your day and realize you ran out of room to get things done that were at the top of your priority list.

Since I have used plenty of planners in the past, I prefer spiral planners, as they are easier to open up while you’re on the go, and easier to write in, I love this planner personally. But I have also used bound planners in the past as well. This one is just as organized, and personable as the other one, and gets the same job done.

3) Keep a pencil bag!

Keep a bag or container dedicated to your writing instruments!

Whether you’re one of those kids who takes notes in 300 different colors (like me), or even if you only write in black and blue, keeping your writing utensils from getting scattered all around your backpack will help you tremendously!

It will get rid of the stress/time of having to fishing around the bottom of your bag trying to find the pen/pencil you’re looking for. It will also help you to carry around multiples of each writing utensil- which if you’re not doing, you need to start doing- because nobody likes running out of ink or lead in a pencil in the middle of notes and then having to interrupt your fellow peers just to ask to borrow one of theirs. Just bring your own!

4) Keeping your laptop/tablet organized

This one should seem simple, and not hard since your computer does most of the organizing for you- but still one to stay on top of

Just like cramming your papers into your backpack, if you give each class a binder/notebook, you should be doing the same on your laptop/tablet-depending on your personal preference of devices.

When taking notes for your class on your laptop, whether it’s Google Docs, or any Word document, you should make a folder in whichever class that is, so it’s all in one spot, and not jumbled amongst other class notes. This one will also save you lots of time if you have to go back and look through your class notes to study.

5) Keep your backpack organized too!

I have an article coming out soon about what should be in your backpack, so stay tuned! But for now, let’s just cover how to keep it organized

This is my own personal way of how I organize my backpack, so do with this information what you will, since your backpack is probably different compared to mine. I absolutely love the backpack that I have. First of all, I have been using the same backpack since my freshman year of high school, so the wear and tear of this backpack is phenomenal, since lord knows my lifestyle is pretty hard on all of my belongings. But the Jansport backpacks have always been around, and one of the first brands people think about when they think of backpacks. They come in so many colors and varieties, it’s no wonder why most people choose their backpacks over the competitor brands

But I like to put all my bigger things in first like my laptop, then binders/notebooks. Then in front of that, I place smaller things such as my planner, my pencil box, or my calculator. Then in the small front pocket, I put my tampons, my phone cables/chargers.

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