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Tips to help Improve Mental Health

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First things first, and I know this is everywhere nowadays, but it’s helped people I know, and it’s also helped me in times of need…

But if you are feeling the need to harm yourself, or know somebody who is showing possible signs, reach out, and get help. 1-800-273-8255 or go to

Mental health is a crucial part of life in every aspect. Without putting your mental health as a priority, everything else will fall apart.

If you’re a college student and/or you enjoy reading my college posts on my blog, this article I’m sure can also help you immensely, as college takes a toll on your mental health,and it is a  crucial aspect that you have to learn to watch out for.

Don’t just sleep and let procrastination get the best of you

One common coping mechanism to dealing with anxiety/depression is to just push away whatever it is that is triggering you. Which, cutting out toxicity and getting rid of negativities in your life can be incredibly healthy, pushing away responsibilities will make it worse. So yes, you can take mental health days from time to time, make sure they are far and few between and try your hardest to not make it a habit.

Infact, the more you accomplish and push yourself to complete whatever tasks/responsibilities you have for the day leave you feeling better about yourself at the end of the day.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It takes a lot of guts to take this step, but it’s crucial. No matter how strong you think you are, anybody and everybody can benefit from seeking help, whether it’s talking about it with a trusted close friend or family member of yours, or seeking out a therapist.

All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other. Yes, the first step is the hardest, but once you take that first step, everything becomes a lot easier and seems to almost just fall into place.

Make sure you have the proper tools to help yourself

Everybody’s different, and everybody can prosper from different tools. Whatever works for you. Here is a list of a few different ideas of tools that might help you or somebody you might know.

If somebody you know is struggling with their mental health, reach a hand out. I have a whole other article regarding this topic coming out soon, but to summarize…

Be patient with them. They will either push you away hard, or latch on to you. So be patient with them and make sure they are okay. This doesn’t mean give up your life or to forget your priorities, but make sure they are getting the help they need. Whether that’s helping them find the right therapist, and making sure they are going to their sessions, or even just making sure they go to work/class on time, and not skipping.


I’ve known a lot of people who have benefitted from this, and I’m not good at keeping up with it enough, but it has also helped me form time to time as well. Professionals in the psychiatric field also constantly recommend people struggling with their mental health to give journaling a try.

Even if it isn’t a daily habit, journaling is proven to help. As humans, venting helps, but depending on who you’re talking to, you might be holding back or leaving parts out, whereas with journaling gives you the chance to vent when nobody but you will ever see it, so you can say absolutely whatever you feel like, free of judgement or criticism, which is sometimes all we need.

Here’s a journal that I personally like, that will even help you find more about who you are, and help put those thoughts in concrete while you soul search. With amazing graphics, and phenomenal quotes, it has also helped me through hard times in the past as well, and can be great regarding any age range

Physical activities help

Even if it starts with just taking daily walks, the fresh air is scientifically proven to release certain endorphins in your brain to make you feel better. The endorphins that are released working out also help you out significantly.

Working out helped me out a lot personally when I went through a deep spiral of depression. Some days it will be hard to push yourself to get out of bed, and to go to the gym, but even if you have to put yourself more or less on autopilot, it helps so much, and not only will the endorphins make you feel better, but you will also gain back a much bigger sense of self confidence and accomplishment.

Change your diet

Yes, comfort foods can make you feel better, but in the end they will just leave you feeling groggy, and more than likely bloated. Start changing your diet to eat cleaner, and your body will start to feel so much better off without those process fats and sugars, and just like working out, you will gain a lot more self confidence in how your body is starting to feel alone.

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