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7 Products to vastly help Anxiety/Depression

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First things first, and I know this is everywhere nowadays, but it’s helped people I know, and it’s also helped me in times of need…

But if you are feeling the need to harm yourself, or know somebody who is showing possible signs, reach out, and get help. 1-800-273-8255 or go to

As somebody who has struggled greatly with anxiety for years now, you learn what does and does not help you cope, and what physical tools help you personally, since everybody is different, and what might help somebody else, won’t necessarily help the next person.

Here I have composed a list of items that have helped me, as well as a few others that I have known have personally helped others through hard times, and are healthy coping mechanisms.

1) Weighted blanket

When I was little, I used to pile on as many blankets as I could on to my bed  in order to get as heavy as I could. Well, thankfully they now make weighted blankets, so instead of robbing everybody else in the house of every blanket you can get your hands on, they make and sell weighted blankets, that can be a lot of help, and are great tools to help calm down anxiety or panic attacks. It’s like a thunder-jacket that you would get for your dog-but for humans.

ZZZhen Weighted Blanket – 60”80” 20LBs – Premium Quality Heavy Blankets – Calm Sleeping for Adult and Kids, Durable Quilts and Quality Construction for Year-round Use

2) Essential Oils

Now, granted I grew up with a some-what holistic mother, but we always had essential oils throughout the house. Whether you’re using them in a diffuser, or rubbing them on you, or putting them in your bath, heck my mom even put them in my bath sometimes! They are very versatile and definitely work!

Artizen Aromatherapy Top 14 Essential Oil Set (100% PURE & NATURAL) Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils – All of Our Most Popular Scents and Best Essential Oil Blends

3) Self-Exploration Journal

I also mentioned this in my article about mental health awareness.  It will help you find more about who you are, and help put those thoughts in concrete while you soul search. With amazing graphics, and phenomenal quotes, it has also helped me through hard times in the past as well, and can be great regarding any age range

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

4) Journal to Wreck

Another journal that I have found to fun and also help release some pent up anger, is this one. Instead of taking out emotions on other people, and burning down bridges and possibly important relationships with other loved ones, take it out on this journal. It has different tasks and different ways for you to destroy it, and do things to a book that you definitely would’ve gotten yelled at for when you were younger.

Wreck This Journal (Duct Tape) Expanded Ed.

5) Rock Salt Lamp

I have had multiple friends/acquaintances with these, and there are multiple articles out there about these, but it does release certain energies into the room that make people feel better. Which I know sounds super hippy-dippy, but even if you don’t believe that, the soft, warm light it fills a room with helps to make a difference as well.

Levoit Salt Lamp, Himalayan / Hymilain Sea Salt Lamps, Pink Crystal Large Salt Rock Lamp,Night Light,Real Rubber Wood Base,Dimmable Touch Switch,2 Year Warranty,Holiday Gift (ETL Certified,3 Bulbs)

6) Stress Relief Tea

Growing up, I was always a much bigger tea drinker, and I was never a coffee fan until I got into college, but different types of teas have different benefits towards you, but I have had great results with every tea in this brand, and this tea specifically helps reduce anxiety dramatically. It also tastes great.

Yogi Tea, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, 16 Count, Packaging May Varyby East West Te

7) Scented Therapy Plush

During my freshman year of college, I went through a lot of homesickness, considering it was my first year away from family and I was halfway across the country. When I came back to celebrate Christmas with my mother, one of the gifts she had for me was one of these. It has worked wonders when I’m feeling lonely at night, or start to feel anxious. You simply put it in the microwave for a bit, and the rice beads get warm and cozy and release a comforting lavender scent.

Intelex, Warmies Cozy Therapy Plush – Elephant

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