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4 Tips To Dieting in College

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Growing up, I’m sure you’ve heard jokes all over the place about how college students eating nothing but Ramen noodles, or cheap box mac n’ cheese all the time.

Granted that’s how I survived my first month or two of college when I couldn’t make it to the dining hall, it got old incredibly quick for somebody who was spoiled with both parents being massive foodies while growing up. So I learned how to adapt and overcome, as you do throughout college…

1) Meal Prepping

Especially for those of you who want to diet throughout college, and are looking to get/maintain being swole, it may become that much more of a challenge throughout college do to budget/time restrictions.

I’ve learned that meal prepping every week on either saturday or sunday nights will help dramatically, so that during the week, you’re not pressed about what you’re going to make, or when you’re going to be able to find the time to even do so.

When it comes to meal prepping, my fellow coworker introduced me to the entire thing, since he is a body builder, but he and I both use the same tupperware, since for one, tupperware isn’t cheap, and the tupperware that is cheap, isn’t always reliable when you’re constantly microwaving it. But we found these to overcome both of those issues.

When buying the food you will use to meal prep, I’ve found it easiest on your wallet when you find every little deal you can. Such as shopping in bulk. Hopefully you’ll get lucky enough like I did, and you have friends with membership cards to bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club, and if you ask nicely, they’ll find time to go with you to buy your groceries.

Also to help you on time, if you have a microwave in your apartment or dorm, and you run out of prepped meals, but you’ve just woken up and you’re rushed to get to class, these are fantastic! My grandmother gifted one to me while I was in high school, and it still comes in handy from time to time! Crack a few eggs in to it, put some pepper/salt on it, scramble them in the little bowl, then throw it in the microwave for a minute or two and you’re good to go!

2) Deals

Of course since money is one of the ultimate struggles/lessons you will learn while you are in college, I recommend you look for apps or coupons that will help you out in any way. There are quite a few different applications that will send you money back after your purchases. For example the app “ibotta” is one of my favorites, where you simply scan your receipt and they will give you money back for certain purchases.

You can also get deals on dietary supplements and fitness products by becoming a loyal customer of my ItWorks program! I use these products myself while also dieting and working out regularly and I see results a lot sooner with using them and absolutely love them!!!

3) “Regular” meals

Even if you’re not meal prepping, grocery shopping in general take a chunk out of your wallet real quick.

While buying your groceries, even though most of us love our red meat, it’ll get pricey real fast. Stick to chicken (specifically chicken breast) and pork if you can. And like I said- buy in bulk- for example, instead of getting the tray of the really nice looking chicken breast, buy the 5lb or 10lb bag of chicken breasts instead!

Also while shopping, take your time to find the cheapest of whatever you’re buying and don’t be against buying the generic brands, there’s not much difference at all between the quality.

And if you do want to stick to your ramen noodles, there are plenty of ways to spice up your noodles so that you don’t get too tired of the same flavor(s). Here’s a great recipe book that I’ve used before, and my family has gifted to fellow students moving on with their lives to college as well!

4) Added Supplements

Depending on your diet/fitness goals, you may have to supplement to your diet, to help improve the results you’re hoping to see in return of your hard work. Well thankfully there are plenty of options for this, but my favorites to chose from are from the company called ItWorks. I also use a few of their products on my own, and am absolutely loving the results I am seeing!

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