Moving Across the Country

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So, if you’re new to my blog, or you haven’t read my about me page, about two years ago, I left my family and friends in Northern California to start my new life in Texas as a college student (Gig’ Em).

But moving can be a scary experience regardless, let alone moving halfway across the country and leaving everybody/everything you know to start over. Here’s what I’ve learned from my own experience…

It’s terrifying but totally worth it

Leaving everybody behind to move to a place where you don’t know anybody is a giant mental hurdle, and takes a lot of guts, but the experiences you have, and the memories you make from it are like nothing else you’ll experience. Because people are so different around the world, and even just the country, you’ll experience so many different cultures and different mindsets, you’ll be such a more well rounded person for it.

Get involved

You won’t meet new people unless you get involved in the community or talk to new people (obviously). But for somebody with social anxiety like myself, that can take a lot. But like I said in one of my articles (link to college tips) about college experiences, when you meet somebody new, talk to them as if you’ve known them your whole life. It’s great advice I received when I was getting ready to leave for college, and it makes a huge difference in your confidence and how much more comfortable you feel.

Make sure you still visit

Make a trip or two a year back from where you moved from, and make it a week or so long at least to relax and visit old friends and family. It’s comforting being in such a familiar place, and your friends will be so excited to see you, it’s a great time, and always fun. And I’m sure your family misses you like crazy and would love to see you.

You’ll know who’s really there for you

Out of nowhere you’ll notice quite a few people stop talking to you- even if you try to talk to them or keep in touch. I suppose since you’re not there in person anymore, they finally feel comfortable enough to distance themselves, and they’ll make up some excuse but don’t let that fool you. And don’t let it stop you either. Don’t waste your time worrying about why they decided to drop you, or why it seems like they don’t care anymore, focus on the people that care and decided to stay in your life and have your back.

On the flip side of that negativity, your other friendships will grow that much more, and you’ll become that much closer with those that matter a lot more in your life.

Don’t forget your friends back home

Still make an honest effort to stay in touch with those you care about back home. Granted, don’t let it get in the way of your new life, but definitely let them know from time to time that still think and care about them. It’ll make a big difference

Keep an open mind

Like I said, you’ll be meeting so many different people, and experiencing so many different cultures, make sure you keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things, like new food, or new experiences, or new traditions. And always put your best foot forward.

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