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Think You’re Ready for College?

After my first few years of college, I have been asked multiple times by incoming freshman or prospective students touring the campus what to expect. And boy let me tell you- you don’t know what to expect. Your first year of college is going to be an absolutely crazy ride.

Alright so you’ve read through my other post about what to pack, so now are you ready mentally?

An emotional rollercoaster

Be ready to expect so many ups, and so many downs. I can not begin to describe how real this is. And everybody’s experience is different, but there will be plenty of mind blowing moments that you don’t know if you’ll be able to make it through- but I promise you can and will. So push through

The campus is it’s own world

Depending on how big your school is, if you’re going to a 4-year university, the campus is probably so massive it’s like it’s own world, and has stores and restaurants and enough services that campus really does become its own little world, with no need to ever leave campus

Don’t be afraid of school spirit

The college students are nothing like high school students- nobody’s worried about what each other thinks, and everybody just wants to have fun and make it through the semester. And you chose that school for a reason, so support it, and be proud of it! Don’t be afraid to participate in the spirit weeks, or the games, or any traditions your school may have. Embrace it all! It’s part of the experience

The emotional breakdowns

No, those tweets and memes you see about college kids having mental breakdowns isn’t just a joke, and it’s not exaggerated. They’re there, and they happen to every single one of us at least once, but more than likely, they’ll happen a few times. Especially if you’re taking chemistry classes. Once you finish whatever it is you’re working through, you’ll have a great time laughing at yourself with your friends for crying in the dining hall over homework.

You truly are going to be making friendships that last a lifetime

I never took my parents seriously about this one but within my first few days of living on campus, I met my best friend, and we click better than almost any friend I’ve ever had, and she’s completely my partner in crime. And the other friendships I’ve made even though some of them are more “acquaintances” than they are close friends, they are still more genuine than any friendship I had throughout high school. Remember, whereas high school everybody is more concerned about being “cool” or “popular” in college we’re all struggling and trying to survive- and it truly filters through the lower levels of maturity that you experienced throughout high school.

Enjoy the experience

Yes, it can be incredibly stressful, but don’t forget about all those ups you also have to look forward to- it can be so much fun at times as well, and you will make memories you will always cherish, and someday share to your future children while sitting around the dinner table- or maybe you won’t, depending on how crazy some of your nights out get, like some of my memories from raving or going to bars got.

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