Hi! Welcome to the BeeBiz Blog! Hopefully from my life experience and tips, you can avoid learning the hard way and skip some of the hardships I had to go through, and you can learn from my mistakes. Or just pick up some helpful life advice/ tips!

My name is Jill Toynbee, and I’m a current Animal Science student at Texas A&M’s main campus in college station. I was originally born in northern California in the Bay Area, and after I graduated high school, I moved to Texas to be apart of one the greatest traditions, which is being apart of the 12th man at Texas A&M.Even though I may be young, I’ve done a lot of traveling, and have lived in California, Oregon, and Texas. I grew up with divorced parents, whom I love both dearly, and am incredibly lucky to have such supportive and loving parents.

I grew up training and riding barrel horses, and raising and showing show cattle, so some of my articles may be a bit livestock (more likely horse) related. From time to time it might also be about travel, since I plan to spend the next few years traveling a lot to haul to different rodeos, and competing.

I’m also a proud dog and cat mom to two of the most amazing pets. My dog is a full australian shepherd that I have had since he was 5 weeks old, his name is Kingsley. And my cat’s name is Boots, who I’ve had since he was a few months old. They’re both super cuddly, and I take my pup with me everywhere.

Let’s Bee friends!

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